A growing number of commercial and domestic projects make use of steel frames and supplies within the design of the build. 

From big commercial projects which include holding up entire buildings, to smaller domestic tasks such as security fences and handrails, finding the right steel supplies on the Sunshine Coast can make your task a great deal easier. 

If you are considering adding steel to your project, reach out to the team from On the Spot Steel Fabrication to find out how we can assist you.

Working with commercial teams

We have more than 15 years experience of working with companies who need steel supplies for their construction and building projects. 

We have operated on both large-scale commercial projects and small-scale builds, and can assist you with anything that you require when it comes to steel and aluminium supplies.

Get assistance with drafting

Because we know that most of our clients require some assistance with incorporating steel into their structures, we have formed a close relationship with drafting companies, who can provide you with 3D models of our steel structures. 

Once you discover how easy it is to create a steel structure using our products, you will want to have our team create the frames for your projects, both for the current piece, and for later projects. 

Talk to us today about our modelling programs that have been created for the steel industry. 

Steel for domestic projects

We are such a popular supplier of steel to industry that it is no surprise that some teams want to make use of our products in other ways. 

Modern interior design can allow steel to become an architectural feature of a home, including handrails, gates, awnings, staircases and steel beams for construction. 

Some of these steel pieces can be left exposed in the finished house, showing off our fantastic construction and metalwork. When you talk to On the Spot Steel Fabrication today, you can discuss your domestic and residential construction needs with our team. 

Get your steel supplies from us

With more than 15 years' experience of providing steel supplies to Sunshine Coast projects, we are able to help you with whatever you might need. 

You can talk to On The Spot Steel Fabrication, or visit our steel works to discuss what you want, or you can reach out to us by calling 0754270817 now to find out more about how our services can work with your project.