On The Spot Steel Fabrication is a known and respected name in the steel industry. We have been providing steel supplies on the Shine Coast for years, but what part do we play? How does the steel industry work?

Mining and Refining

There are mines around the world that dig up different types of metal. They are mostly mixed in with rocks, which is why they need refining. There are many ways that the metal is separated from the rock. Sometimes the rocks are crushed and then heated up until the metal separates, and statements are just about crushing the rocks and shaking them until the metal comes out. 

Recycling and Reusing

The cost of producing metal is very expensive because of the cost of fuel. That is why recycling and reusing metal is now a very big deal. People do things like scrap their cars, and then the scrap metal is melted down and used to make new items.

Making Steel in Foundries

There are many ways you can use steel, but it must first be made. Let’s say that you have all your ingredients. They have to be melted and mixed to create steel. The steel-making process is very long and overly complicated because making good steel is very difficult. Once the steel is made, then it can be moulded or fabricated. 

Steel in Moulds and Fabrication

There are two ways that steel is commonly used. It is sometimes poured into a mould to make a certain piece for whatever purpose. Or, it is poured into a mould that turns the steel into a shape. Perhaps the shape is a long cylinder, or a flat sheet, or whatever. Once it is in this shape, it is fabricated with massive machines that are able to bend and cut it. 

The smaller the piece of metal, then the smaller the machine is that is used to fabricate it. For example, a flat piece of steel can be cut and fabricated into a mould for concrete posts, and the device used is no bigger than a 4x4 truck.

We are a Small but Valuable Cog

We provide steel supplies on the Sunshine Coast, which is fantastic, but when you compare us to the highly polluting steel mills in China that are pumping out cargo ships full of steel per day, you can probably see how we are a rather small cog by comparison. We may not be building bridges across islands, but On The Spot Steel Fabrication is always here for your steel fabrication needs. Contact us today.